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Our Journey

As startup founders, we often find it challenging to attract the best talents (especially when they are lured by well-established firms), then hire and onboard them, all at the same time when your  business demands you the most- we get it! we have been in your shoes!

So we went on a journey to solve this problem for many founders like us.

We wanted a solution that helped startups

1) Be visible to the talent pool

2) Attract the best talents

3) Don’t have to deal with 100s of resumes, recruitment agencies or sometimes connecting with the right faculties in the universities.

That’s when Illume Foundation was born- our passion to help the next generation of talents and solve problems for founders. Since then we have been fortunate to work with some of the fastest growing  global startups.

Well, you must be thinking, we are a recruitment agency- NOPE! We are founders like you. Frustrated with current job market and hiring practices, we seek to Disrupt…well.. Let’s say we are here to do things Differently!

Why be part of Illume

Hire the best

Talented Graduates across universities in one network- Illume Network

Try before you hire

With our placement and internship programs.

Infuse Innovation

with diverse, entrepreneurial and engaged talent.

Hire Smart

Seamless recruitment and on-boarding with Illume Foundation, saving you time and money.


About Us

Empowering The Next Generation Of Innovative Talents

Illume Foundation is a social enterprise dedicated to empowering graduates to kickstart their careers in innovation, entrepreneurship and impact by connecting them with startups to power businesses and impact communities.

As a diverse team with deep industry experience and expertise in education, innovation, entrepreneurship and technology, we strive to help graduates recognise opportunities in challenges, see possibilities in uncertainties and reframe thinking with these questions – What if? What else? Is there a better way?

How Illume fellows power your startups?

Innovative Thinking- they are creative problem solvers, analytical thinkers (fellows learn innovation process, user centred design/design thinking).

    Entrepreneurial Mindset- they are resourceful, understand value creation and value capture and understand the journey from ideas to concepts to business (Fellows Learn- Learn startup, Business Model Canvas, Startup journey and Venture capital industry).

      Impact Creation- they seek to create impact and meaning through their work and community in general. (Fellows learn- value creation, social entrepreneurship and impact investing).

        In addition to the technical skills relevant to the roles. Our Fellows undergo the training on Innovative Problem Solving, Entrepreneurial  Thinking and Impact Creation

        If you’d like to hire an employee or an intern or partner with us. We are also seeking industry mentors to coach our graduates. Please contact us.