From Biomedicine graduate to LLM enthusiast, meet Illume’s May-Jul’24 Startup Fellows.

We are amazed by the quality of talent that exists in our universities. From Biomedicine graduate to data-science to marketing to our most popular stream- software development, these 11 Fellows will embark on their 12 weeks fellowship journey immersing themselves in startup environment, working directly with the founders of innovative emerging startups and developing their entrepreneurial mindset and network to accelerate their career and eventually build their own startup.

Introducing Illume’s May-July 2024 Startup Fellow  🎉🎉🎉

This batch of Fellows represent students and graduates across Australian universities, from 1st year Computer Science student interested in LLM to a recent graduate working on building scalable backend technology, having started his own tech ventures in his home country; Marketing graduate who also built her startup; fellow who is combining finance degree to data science to work at the nexus of technology and business and an avid gamer combining her love for game and technology development and a bio-medicine graduate keen to plunge into the world of innovative healthcare. These fellows not only bring their impressive backgrounds but showcase their willingness to push the boundaries. 

And even more impressive was the fact that 82% of this cohort are Women students and graduates who are making their way into the tech sector.

Why we do what we do?

This fellowship would not be possible without the support of our startup ecosystem. Our founders who are willing to give these talents a go, are moved by their desire to give back despite their busyness of building a startup, creating projects and learning environments to develop these talents. Our host startups are working on frontier technologies and the future of industries like Medtech, AI, Agtech, giving our fellows exposure and hands-on experience on new technologies.

“Because I got to work with new tools during my startup experience, I was able to stay relevant and showcase my learning curve which helped me land a job despite no initial tech background”, Jojo (Illume Fellow) from Business to Developer role.

This is only the beginning for these Fellows as they venture into the professional world. They will be supported throughout their journey through Illume Foundation’s Venture Building Community.

If you’re a company that would like to support our talent please get in touch with us, [email protected].

If you’re a student, graduate or a professional seeking to get work experience at a startup or venture capital and build your career in the field of innovation, technology and entrepreneurship, check out our internship and fellowship programs. Course credit internships are offered for university students.

By: Illume Team

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