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About the Program

Illume Foundation works with universities and industry partners to develop and deliver programs that meet their strategic needs. 

Our past engagement includes:
Collaboration with VIS Global to train students and graduates to Robotic Process Automation.

Collaboration with Australian VCs to run Women In Startup Initiative that saw over 60 women who participated in the program.

You have a program in mind that you’d like to collaborate with, please get in touch with us.

Cohort of Women in Startup Program
Cohort of Robotic Process Automation


Is it ever too early to approach the Illume Foundation about placements?

It’s never too early to reach out. In fact, most of students come to us in their first year or second year. We get excited to see this because it means you’re thinking about your career early on and ready by the time you graduate.

What if I’ve already had an internship before, can I still apply for an Illume internship?

Yes, you absolutely can. However, we are mindful of too many internships and hence encourage you to consider if you really need another internship.

I am looking for a job, does Illume provide job opportunities?

Yes. Illume offers Graduate Paid Placements which are usually a minimum 1 year program with further extension.

Companies in Illume Network are also hiring for short term and long-term roles.

To get access to our jobs and be on our radar, make sure you have your most up to date profile on Illume platform.

What types of internships are available through Illume Foundation?

Paid Internship: Students get paid for undertaking internship. 30-40% of our internships are paid internships and are paid at entry level standard rate as per FairWork Act. 

Unpaid Internship: These placements are offered as Course-Credit Internships only. You will need to be enrolled at an Educational Institute and have credit points to take this up. Please check with your university before applying for Course-Credit Internship. Around 60% of our internships are allocated for course-credit internships to allow students to get practical work experience before they graduate.

Volunteering Opportunities: In exceptional cases and on a case-by-case basis, Illume can offer volunteering opportunities at a not for profit (nfp) or charitable organisations. This represents <10%.

Illume focuses on Startup experience and there are many wonderful nfp and charities that you can seek outside of Illume Foundation. Find them here

Do you provide internship experience for people outside of Australia?

Currently, we are focused on students/graduates from Australian Universities. Our goal is to empower students/graduates across the world in future.

Can I get a paid internship and do it for course credit?
Yes, you can absolutely do your Paid Internship for course credit.

How do you help students or graduates get their first job?

Illume provides experience at a startup, mentorship and opportunities to expand your network.

Illume also provides job opportunities in the hidden job market through advocacy and reference.

Once you are part of Illume Fellowship, you’re part of Illume Family for life!

Does Illume charge me for internship and/job placement?

Illume exists to support students and graduates hence Illume does not charge you for internship if the internship is taken as part of our university course credit. You must show your course credit approval from your university to avail this before the start of the program.

We also offer scholarships under our ‘Accessibility Program’. Illume Accessibility Program exists to support talented students and graduates from under-represented communities such as Indigenous backgrounds, rural communities. Scholarships are assessed case by case basis.

Where Illume charges a placement fee is for Non-Course Credit Traineeship. Our Non-Course Credit Traineeship allows graduates who are no longer eligible to take course credit internships still get experience at a startup. In addition, they also attend weekly training sessions at Illume Foundation. The current fees for the Traineeship in 2023  is AUD$1000 which goes towards training materials, administrative and insurance costs. 

*Traineeship constitutes a learning component and training in the organisation and is not an employment.

Why does Illume charge for Non-Course Credit Placement?

Illume provides non-course credit placement at a subsidised rate to the applicants. The course has been subsidised through Industry or Philanthropic funding). This enables Illume to provide quality placements, take care of admin cost, insurance and technology access.

What does Illume look for in the applicants?

  1. Growth Mindset (ability to learn). Learn more about Growth Mindset by Carol Dweck here
  2.  Ability to get things done

Do I need to have previous work experience in the field if I am applying for the internship?

No. Our goal is to help you get your first work experience- so no! 

What is your selection process and how long does it take?

  • Step 1: Create your account and apply to be considered for the fellowship program. (Ensure your profile is up to date to find the most relevant experience)
  • Step 2: Interview with Illume team
  • Step 3: Be Matched to a company
  • Step 4: Interview with the host company
  • Step 5: Start your placement and attend weekly sessions for Fellowship.

It usually takes about a month.

How often does the placement run?

Placements are run twice every month.

Can I be considered again, if I was unable to find a match or missed the internship deadline?
Yes, we can consider you for internships until a match is found or until you change your preference.

How should I get in touch with the Illume Foundation?

You can get in touch via our platform <<link here.>>

How do I know which company is the best fit for my profile?

Illume uses advanced algorithms to match you with the company based on your profile and preference.

Do I get to select the company before being matched?

No, all companies are matched by Illume. We do consider your background, interest and goals to match you with the company. You have the option to decline the offer if you feel there was no good fit between you and the company.

What is Illume Foundation and why is it a social enterprise?

Illume exists to foster the ‘culture of innovation & entrepreneurship’ by

  • Fostering the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs
  • Providing talent pathway programs to fill the talent gap
  • Through programs, resources and events that are underpinned by the future of work

We are a social enterprise with a social mission to Make Opportunities Accessible, breaking the No Experience No Job Cycle.

We’re aligned with 7 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. Learn more about the UNSD Goals here

  • Goal 1: No Poverty: Through dedicated programs, initiatives and scholarships targeted to underrepresented communities and those historically have been marginalised thus ‘breaking the No Experience No Job Cycle’
  • Goal 4: Quality Education: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all
  • Goal 5: Gender Equality: Achieve gender equality and participation through dedicated programs
  • Goal 8: Decent Work & Economic Growth: Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all
  • Goal 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure: Build resilient future by collaborating with industry, academic and government to foster innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Goal 10: Reduce inequality through dedicated programs and participation opportunities
  • Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals: Collaborate with industry, academia and government to foster global entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Why does Illume focus on Startup Internships?
A startup is a company or business typically in the early stages of its development that uses innovation and/or technology to scale rapidly and capture global markets.

As such startups focus on experimentation – continuously testing, iterating, and learning. This provides a training ground for entrepreneurial thinking, critical problem solving and innovative mindset. An internship at a startup can provide you with a wealth of experience. 

Does Illume work with big companies? 

While our placements and internships are focused on startups, our fellows have gone on to join firms like PwC, Deloitte, Accenture post Fellowship.

Our focus to work with startups comes from our mission to foster the startup ecosystem. We believe many of the big companies have the resources, manpower and brand to attract talent while startups need every bit of support, especially during the early days of their operations. 

We do hope to collaborate with big companies, particularly innovative and technology companies as we believe ecosystem fosters when we all collaborate.

What’s it Like to Work with Illume Startups?
Read Illume Fellow’s (Bang An Duong)  experience on Startup Internship

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