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5 Things That I Learnt From Illume

“5 things that I learnt from Illume that helped in my career breakthrough”

I finished my 8-week fellowship with Illume Foundation. I was fortunate to know about this opportunity from Manorani Guy through one of her LinkedIn posts. I applied for it straight away and got an interview call from Laxmi Pun

Throughout the fellowship, I met a lot of successful people and got valuable lessons in creative thinking through weekly workshops alongside fireside chats.

I was also provided with the opportunity to involve with Startup Gippsland and learn from various mentors as well as understand the steps involved in creating an actual startup from scratch.

My learning from the fellowship:

⭐ Always be open to opportunities.

⭐ Discuss with mentor(s) what your career goals are and how to achieve them?

⭐ Being busy is just an excuse, create time for such valuable sessions.

⭐ Amazing people and their success journey.

⭐ Think smart, be agile and keep oneself on the toes for new learning.

I will surely recommend to get in touch with Laxmi Pun for the Autumn 2021 edition of this fellowship program.

Thank you to my fellow mates as well. Please keep in touch Sarocha Wuttipong Himani Dave

Sandra Castro Nidzam Shah Hussain

Finally, I would like to thank each and everyone who taught me some important lessons both in life and in a professional environment to become successful. 

At the end of the program, I was able to secure a job in my field as IT support working for Client like Asahi through the Illume Foundation.
Willian Korim, PhDMei Sian PohJames MuirSiddhant (Sid) ShresthaJordan TewRichard HurstDiletta LegowoSangeeta MulchandaniJane BarrMadeleine McKenzie Celeste Maturen Iris GaillardLeanne ClothierSebastian Farias

Kaustubh Ilmulwar (Illume Fellow)
Master of Information Systems
Deakin University, Australia

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