Diversity & Inclusion

Making Opportunities Accessible!

At Illume, we believe One opportunity can lead to economic prosperity for generations’. While talent exists everywhere, opportunity doesn’t. And sometimes, access to opportunity is not enough but requires nurturing our talent.

At Illume, our mission is bridging this gap. Whether breaking the ‘no experience, no job’ cycle through our programs or bringing out the best in our young talents and becoming a career champion for them, we see ourselves as a powerful force for social change. 

As a social enterprise, our programs  are designed to ensure that our program participants can partake in our programs without feeling discriminated against – regardless of their gender identity, race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sexuality, disability, economic background or age, and all the intersections between.

Just like us, our partners (companies and educational institutes) are mission driven and committed to providing equitable opportunities. With their support, we have a rigorous onboarding to collect diversity data, to monitor outcomes with companies and education providers through our programs and take the necessary action such as, sharing the percentage of employees who identify as female. Your diversity background does not affect the outcome of your application and in fact, in some cases are used to create equitable opportunities. All insights and data shared are anonymised and in no sense can be tracked to a particular individual.

Company behaviour that matters to us

Companies have a responsibility to treat candidates fairly. From managing the candidate experience when interviewing for a role, all the way to welcoming them into their company as interns, volunteers, contractors or new hires. All it takes is one bad candidate experience to jeopardise prospects of future employees.

Hence, we work closely with our industry partners to help them put their best foot forwards- attracting the right talent through non-biased job ads, structured interview processes, transparent and prompt response, and seamless onboarding.

What do we seek in our company partners?

Access and inclusion:

  • Ability to secure work experience through an equitable approach to hiring and contracting.

Protection and wellbeing:

  • Protection against injury or harm, access to income security (where possible) and provision of support for personal or community events.

Quality and control:

  • Fair agreements, contracting and processes for work and the ability to earn a living wage, access to fair pay and standards for wages (for employment)

Growth and development:

  • Access to opportunities for progression including ways to build skills and networks as well as recognition of skill development and portability across work.

The above have been adopted from FYA’s The New Work Standards Report 2020. In addition to this, we are keen to hear from companies who are at the forefront of innovation, care about the talent and are inspired to make a difference.

We hold ourselves to the same standards:

At Illume, we’re building an organisation that values diversity and provides inclusive culture to continually learn and grow. This starts with seeking feedback, listening to our talents, companies and institutions we work with and our team of Illume alumni, mentors and staff  that make up the Illume Foundation.

We’re committed to a feedback-driven and transparent culture, as we work to make Illume Foundation, a workplace where everyone feels welcome, and all voices are heard. An environment where conversations between socially different people are seen as opportunities to learn, anticipate alternative viewpoints, and generally grow our business.

Intellectual Curiosity


Pay It Forward

Mental Resilience

Having a growth mindset & be inquisitive about learning

Doing the right thing in the right way

Give back to our community & support one another

See challenges as opportunities and failures as learning experiences

Making Opportunities Accessible & Beyond

Our work is a continual process, one we see collaborating with industry, educational institutes, and organisations to play a key role in an individual’s career and ultimately make an impact in our people, organisations and the society towards economic prosperity. No organisation alone can solve the problem of unemployment and underemployment but together, WE CAN.

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