Crafting Confidence: My Journey through Illume’s Startup Fellowship

I believe that professional programs serve as bridges between aspirations and accomplishments. In this article, I will delve into my illuminating journey within the Illume Foundation’s Startup Fellowship Program. From hands-on experiences to entrepreneurial skills, this program allowed me to immerse myself in the world of startups and learn invaluable lessons.

📝 Learning and Growth 

One of the most profound outcomes of this fellowship has been the acquisition of knowledge and skills. Stepping out of my comfort zone became a norm, enabling me to embrace new learning opportunities. Key lessons that resonate with my professional aspirations include:

· Project Hustling: The ability to independently secure and manage projects has become a valuable asset, opening avenues for freelancing opportunities.

· Confident Communication: The fellowship empowered me to communicate confidently with new individuals, enhancing my networking skills and session participation.

· Stretching Boundaries: Simultaneously handling multiple projects pushed me beyond my comfort zone, fostering growth in adaptability and time management.

· Vocalising Ideas: The most impactful lesson learned was to voice ideas, needs, and actions assertively — a practice that aligns with my future goals.

🤝 Mentorship and Guidance

Mentorship in this program played a dual role in my journey, offering insights to support my industry endeavours and envisioning an entrepreneurial path. Two valuable pieces of advice stood out:

· Emotional Detachment: Entrepreneurs emphasized not getting emotionally attached to ideas and focusing on user needs over what we can provide them; a principle that parallels my user experience design training.

· Balancing Business and SatisfactionStriking an equilibrium between sustainable business and customer contentment was an essential lesson to bridge the gap between my academic UX knowledge and industry demands.

 💪 Embracing Collaboration, Overcoming Challenges, and Achieving Confidence

My fellowship experience was defined by collaboration, highlighting the significance of teamwork through startup internships and joint projects. We tackled challenges, including communication hiccups, through open dialogue and shared objectives, reinforcing unity’s power in pursuing common goals.

Among other challenges, multitasking emerged as a significant hurdle. Juggling diverse tasks within tight deadlines posed initial difficulties. However, strategic planning and efficient time management strategies enabled me to conquer these challenges, leading to streamlined task completion.

Above all, my journey highlighted newfound confidence as the most remarkable achievement. Whether fearlessly sharing ideas, actively pursuing opportunities, or confidently networking with strangers, this newfound self-assurance has proven transformative in both personal and professional spheres.

🙌 Nurturing Bonds and Reflecting on Growth

Reflecting on the impact of the Illume Foundation Startup Fellowship, I find that this journey forged invaluable friendships and professional ties. It not only demonstrated the lasting significance of maintaining connections beyond the fellowship but also equipped me with indispensable skills, insights, and unwavering confidence. This experience has undoubtedly charted a new course for my career, and I am grateful for the transformative growth it has sparked. As I step into the future, I carry forward the lessons learned, eagerly anticipating their application to novel challenges.

To fellow professionals, I extend a call to action- Embrace the potential influence of fellowship programs within your domains. Embrace opportunities that can reshape your journey and propel your growth to unprecedented heights.

Written by: Tanuj Aggarwal (Illume Fellow’ ‘23)

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