Startup Fellowship & Internship

Experience what it is like to work in fast-paced, innovative startups while innovating your career!

Startup Fellowship- Building the Next Generation of Entrepreneurial Talent.

Who is this program for? Professionals, students, graduates and researchers looking to gain work experience at a startup. Course credit internships are available for students. 

Format: Remote Fellowship session. Actual placement can be in-person, hybrid or remote

Length: 8 to 12 weeks. Extended weeks to meet course credit hours for students


  • Internship to match your degree or skills to accelerate your career
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation concepts taught by industry professionals
  • Mentorship and Fellowship- part of Illume Venture Builder Community for future opportunities

Pathways post program:

  • Accelerate to job in your field
  • Join a startup or start a side hustle!

Other Benefits:

  • Get found by companies that are hiring by being part of Illume Venture Builder Community!

What’s involved?

  • Be available for at least 8-12 weeks to work on a project at a startup (at least 14 hours per week)
  • Be available for a Weekly 1 hour session at the Foundation for 8 weeks (delivered remotely)


  • $1000 (This fee has been subsidised from $4500 through our Philanthropic Initiative #BreakNoExperienceNoJobCycle)
Application Process: 
  • Apply via Application Form
  • Interview with Illume
  • Get matched to your host company
  • Start your fellowship
  • Commence your placement

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About Startup Internship Experience

Startups provide diverse work experiences and rounded business skills enhancing any academic or professional backgrounds. Here are some examples of the roles you will be performing at a startup.


Assist startups identify potential market opportunities, conduct customer interviews and surveys, analyse industry trends and competitive landscape, assist startups in developing product or go to market strategies and in developing their business model. 

Suited for those with or keen to develop business acumen.

Potential Career Pathways: Business Analyst, Consultant, General Business Management


Assist startups build their prototype/minimum viable product, wire-frames, website, product designs, product specifications, process mapping, data mining, gathering insights and any other technical assistance.

Suited for those with technical/engineering, design and product background.

Potential Career Pathways: Data Analyst, Developer/Programmer, Ui/UX Designer, Product Designer/Developer.


Assist startups in bringing their product/service/prototye to market. This may involve assistance in marketing strategies, social media, content creation, community engagements, product launch campaigns, email marketing, data analysis.

Suited for those with business, marketing, sales, communication, data-science backgrounds.

Potential Career Pathways: Marketing, Sales and Business Professionals

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